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Resource Led Digital PR

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Resource Led Digital PR
Resource Types
Building valuable, evergreen content around proprietary insights and data involves building more specific pieces of content for your site that will organically attract links from other sites and media outlets through their inherent value. 

You will typically create these materials for your site once, then have a prospective target’s computer systems index them repeatedly and build more robust profiles of your links and your brand in the process. 

These materials are more specific, more deeply reported, and based on proprietary insights gleaned from your company’s proprietary data and industry leaders.

Granted, pretty much anything you create for your site could be considered a resource, but here we are talking about copy that is detailed, authoritative, data-rich and that stands on its own merits – content worthy of turning up for those search queries journalists and consumers are entering.


Whether it’s using proprietary or otherwise unique data, the reports help to uncover trends in consumer behaviour, business landscapes and market movements – or spotlight new trends and forecasts – all of which are great for reporters to digest.

White Papers

A white paper is full-length exploration of an issue. It is designed to offer a solution or insight to that issue. For companies conducting regular research or with significant findings within their day-to-day operations, white papers are an asset to share that insight with customers and the world, making the piece even more newsworthy and additional to the original marketing campaign. After we push out a white paper to be indexed on your site, our digital PR team can review the best sections of the piece, and re-purpose those sections in an outreach campaign, where they drive the campaign’s goal of securing link-worthy outreach back to the document, on a regular basis – which, in turn, leads those links to stick to the document still living on your site.

Informative Guides

Alongside white papers and reports are informative guides that describe a process, outlining an issue and then providing some information that helps to solve the problem step by step. For example, if you have a price comparison service, you could create a guide on your site that describes ‘how to find the best car insurance providers’ with that being the core of the article. These kinds of guides, when backed with some more content, data and insights, helps to, not only to solve a problem, but to create a piece of content that is worth linking and drawing traffic to.

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