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Reactive PR & Newsjacking Services

Adopting a Continuous Strategy for Link Acquisition via Digital PR.

Reactive PR and newsjacking requires a constant watch of the media landscape to identify opportunities to join in topics of interest. The idea is to comment or run a campaign within websites related to the topic to gain backlinks for your brand and showcase your team members.

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Reactive PR & Newsjacking Explained
Is Newsjacking a Good Fit for Your Business?
Our Reactive PR Process
Reactive PR, conversely, generates insights, data, opinions and commentary usually on ‘event’ or future ‘trends’.

One is newsjacking – spotting a trend or story breaking in the news media and then feeding into it, for example adding a comment piece. Digital PR practitioners often employ such manoeuvres to gain links and coverage.

A key part of newsjacking success is the close relationship with clients to find the faces of the organisations and what they are willing to talk about. Any employee in any company can be a spokesperson. The trick is polishing the raw expertise of a person so they feel like the voice of a narrative that journalists can use to reflect their own thoughts and comment on the news.

It’s inherently newsjacking and as such typically a live activity. The faster you move the better your chances of landing poetry slots.

And additionally, a PR team that is on the ball will look ahead to see what kind of story or news trend is likely to be topical based on news cycles that year. If we identify these trends early and prepare statements and campaigns accordingly, we can be ready to release them at a moment’s notice to the media when or if such a story breaks.

Newsjacking is particularly effective for organizations prepared to disseminate their knowledge and insights.

This shines a spotlight upon your E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust), your golden ticket to SEO success.

To effectively implement newsjacking, a business requires:

  • Spokespersons who are eager to provide their perspective
  • A wealth of knowledge that can be adapted to a variety of contexts
  • The ability to react swiftly to capitalize on unfolding news stories

Pick Cupid PR as your digital PR partner and you’ll embody everything great that newsjacking has to offer: our knowledge of the space and contacts means we can advise you on solid newsjacking opportunities and crush it with a selection of perfectly targeted media placements that position your brand.

Our reactive PR strategy works as an extension to your main marketing efforts, supporting large-scale, planned campaigns. Not only does this system send great signals of relevance and quality to Google and other search engines, but it delivers it in the form of highly diverse content, which constantly appeals to the people you want to reach with stories they want to share.

1. Research the News

There’s dedicated time each week for newsjacking and sharing internal stories; a weekly meeting used to discuss trending news. The beat is constantly informed about upcoming events in the industry so that we’re ready to take action promptly and appropriately.

2. Identify a Suitable Story

We start with generation (we will have ideas), move on to validation (we will check the ideas among us), and then approval (we will also check with you and your nominated stakeholders).

3. Create the Content

We write whatever comment or wider material is required – that is, we collect the data, create the assets, write the press release – and then we send it to you for final approval.

4. Execute Outreach

At the right moment, we reach out to relevant journalists from our existing and newly generated media contacts lists to get the timely and premium quality of links and media coverage.

5. Evaluate and Adapt

A reactive campaign, once it's finished, is not necessarily dead and buried: we roll it out again to see whether it can be repurposed or reused, or is relevant when the same type of event reoccurs, and keeps your content fresh and on brand.

In the realm of digital PR, various tools and platforms help improve outreach, engagement, and effectiveness. The following subsections will detail some popular and essential digital PR tools for both Digital PR Software and Social Listening Tools.

Digital PR Software

Digital PR tools are vital to support a successful campaign. These tools primarily focus on measuring digital PR metrics, enabling more efficient and targeted outreach. Some popular digital PR software includes:

  1. Respona: Respona is an all-in-one blogger outreach platform with comprehensive tools to set up and launch email campaigns for link building, digital PR, marketing, or sales purposes.

  2. Google Analytics: Google Analytics measures website performance, user behaviour, and assists in tracking and analysing the impact of digital PR campaigns on web traffic.

  3. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo facilitates content discovery, providing insights into trending topics and the most engaging content for a specific domain, aiding the creation of better-targeted digital PR campaigns.

Social Listening Tools

Social listening tools play a crucial role in monitoring and analysing online conversations around a brand or industry. They help identify trends, gauge brand sentiment, and track the reach and impact of digital PR efforts such as blog posts and social media campaigns. Some notable social listening tools include:

  1. Mentionlytics: Mentionlytics is a versatile tool providing insights on brand mentions, sentiment analysis, and competitor analysis, all important aspects when implementing a digital PR strategy.

  2. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a well-known social media management and listening platform. It enables tracking brand mentions, scheduling social media posts, and analysing social media performance.

  3. Brandwatch: Brandwatch is a powerful social listening tool that offers deep insights, trend identification, and competitor analysis, empowering digital PR professionals to make informed decisions regarding their outreach and engagement efforts.

These tools and platforms provide essential features and support for digital PR practitioners in making their strategies more focused, tailored, and effective. Utilising these resources can greatly enhance the overall success of a digital PR campaign.

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