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Press Office

Press Office

Built to effectively shape perception and drive the behaviours, feelings and thinking of your customers, employees and stakeholders, our PR services are designed to help businesses work closely with Cupid PR’s team of ex-journalists and PR professionals to provide round-the-clock press office services from startups to FTSE-listed companies.

Who is Link Building a perfect fit for?

Supporting Your Business Endeavors
Enhancing Brand Awareness
Elevating Your Media Profile
Attracting Customers and Promoters
Commitment to Results
We get to know your company, and in so doing understand your commercial ambitions, and the distinct storyline of your enterprise, the assets to harness into your online presence.

We use innovative, imaginative and creative methods, to take your business to the top level in terms of visibility.

We concentrate on improving your online image to boost your keywords on Google, but we also achieve print coverage, too, as well as broadcast on TV and radio.

Our solutions aren’t only for drawing customers toward your goods or services, but also for attracting talent and influencing your wider business community.

As an outcomes- and results-oriented PR agency, we measure more than we just report – we guarantee it.

Our comprehensive newsroom service includes:

  • Evaluation of your digital footprint Strategic advisory services
  • Handling of media inquiries
  • Development of key messages aligned with commercial goals
  • Creation of proactive press releases and responsive statements
  • Enhancement of leadership profiles
  • Media training workshops
  • Management of stakeholder relations
  • Crisis management solutions

Need a press office that will champion your company? If so, contact us to see how we can help improve your brand’s digital presence.

The Link Building Company Trusted By Global Brands
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Mark McShane
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We’re a bespoke link building agency that delivers outstanding results globally. Our focus is on building white hat links for ambitious brands & agencies. We serve clients internationally, including the UK.
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