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What are creative content campaigns?
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Types of Creative Content Campaigns

Creative content campaigns (also known as hero campaigns) sit at the core of every successful digital PR strategy, of which we wholeheartedly approve. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually feature some form of content asset that can be used as a hook for various outreach campaigns and, if done correctly, can reach KPIs other than links, and some not at all. 

We are an integrated SEO and Digital PR agency. Our creative studio sits in the middle of operations and is made up of designers and former journalists. We also have traditional PR people. 

Additionally, we have an external partner network with developers who have worked with us for years and who we can seamlessly integrate into your in-house team.

As your pre-eminent content-driven consumer PR agency, you will benefit from our full suite of creative content services that can be designed to support your existing in-house offering or deliver a seamless full-service solution.

Campaign Ideation

This allows us to operate on a level that harnesses the best of PR: the traditional thinkers and writers with a good sense for storytelling; on a level with content marketing: the journalists and writers ready to create engaging topics; and, perhaps most importantly, on a level with your audience: the search experts and website specialists equipping you with tools to anticipate and monitor your audience, helping you produce content that they want to read and delight them with.

Through all this, we’re able to develop punchy concepts for your brand, with a modus operandi that is in sync with your company’s heartbeat and personality: does the work undeniably fit your brand universe? Then let’s open up the gates, reeling in your existing audience and new prospects – striking up a conversation, taking part in the discussion, and creating opportunities and situations that generate actions.

Graphic Design / UX

It is our UX designers who will make those ideas come to life – we work closely with your team to ensure any brand guidelines and constraints are met, while content creation is on point, reflecting your business to produce the best possible copy for the media.

Promotion Planning

We know that the benefit of a creative content campaign isn’t just the increase of backlinks to your site, but there are other benefits that can be realised by creating an environment that can see clients ‘front-footing’ the campaign and embedding it into the rest of their marketing activity. For example, we might use paid social media channels to amplify a campaign – to get it trending or its messages shared by influencers.

Project Management

Our project managers define the scope of your project, list all the requirements and employ agile methodologies to make sure that the production process is flawless. Our eye stays on the ball in order to connect your content campaign to the higher goals of the business.


For interactive applications, for example, data-collection tools that might accompany a campaign, our development team contributes functionality and interactivity so that content is engaging and functional. Creative content development is their specialty.

Outreach and Link Building

As with every aspect of our digital PR campaigns, our digital PR execs will be on hand to reinforce your content into the media, looking at story targeting, media listing, journalist outreach and everything else its takes to make our link building campaigns map back to your core business goals.


Unlike more traditional link-building campaigns, creative content campaigns inherently have an asset behind them, often interactive, informative or fun, which journalists will want to share with their readers and viewers.

But the success of any creative content campaign boils down to two key factors: the skill of the creator, who needs to be part marketer, part insider, media-savvy but never outlandish or uncivilised; and an intimate knowledge of the audience you want to reach, or what marketers like to call prospective customers.

The reasons behind those investments go deeper than link acquisition, which is important for SEO or any online strategy, but is only one of many different benefits these campaigns might be able to provide you with. An engaged user is one who, with and without their knowledge, can potentially help you in different ways.

Benefits resulting from creative content campaigns are but a few of many and include the following:

  • High-quality, relevant backlinks
  • Increased media coverage and brand visibility
  • Targeted referral traffic to your website
  • Audience expansion (with tracking capabilities for remarketing purposes)

Still, ultimately, your creative campaign is a strategic asset. For example, your one creative could be used as a lead magnet in a paid social media campaign, where not only will it attract, entertain and engage the primary audience, but will also help to recruit a wider audience demographic, many of whom are new audiences more likely to purchase your products or services.

We really believe in putting story before medium — identifying a news hook, identifying an opportunity and then finding the best way to deliver the messaging. We like to work with the ideas we are excited about and helping to bring those ideas to life.

If you’re looking for some strategic advice about the formats that might be most suitable to your forthcoming work, we can certainly offer some suggestions.

But sometimes it will be easier to see what kind of campaigns these can take shape as with this idea. (It’s worth noting that these ideas only just scratch the surface of what we can do. If you have an idea for a specific project that you would like to explore, I would encourage you to get in touch.)

Here are a few:

Data-driven Campaigns and Visualizations

ou can attract media attention and showcase your expertise to the audience that matters most to you by harnessing the power of data-led campaigns and visualisations. We specialise in using either your own, or data acquired from outside sources in order to tell stories and achieve medal placements that help your business and its sector.

This is what you might broadly call data journalism: we take it as our starting point, map it out in a story and build our campaigns on it because all the data is real. Whatever you’ve got, it can be as dry and dull or as exciting as data journalism – if you’re creative enough, ordinance survey data and property sales records can become story-Star Wars and spot the shiny lightsabers.

Data is really useful in any Digital PR campaign. You might have good data within your business, whether you’re a retailer with data on sales, or a data company with data and analysis of your consumer habits, or perhaps you have a report with analysis on an industry-related topic, you can turn your data into stories that journalists and bloggers find interesting, to enhance your backlinks.

If your business doesn’t generate its own data, don’t despair: we’re used to harnessing a wide variety of sources, from the Office for National Statistics to global studies to data obtained through Freedom of Information requests. This has helped us devise and run campaigns that do a great job of ‘sending news from nowhere’.

PR Stunts and Product-Focused Publicity

Undoubtedly, this is a good cheap way to get people talking, and getting new links to your site – the essence of doing PR. The stunt you choose can be built around your business, your goals and the people you’re trying to sell to – the customers as well as the editors who’ll be running your story.

Your ultimate goal will be for the media to pick up the story, resulting in press coverage. Some PR stunt ideas that are likely to work for your specific goals are below:

Innovative Product Stunts

Whether you need help conceptualising and launching an anti-nightmare spray product, or want to make an artistic cast of your heart for emotional support cards, we’re here to help. We can brainstorm and create your product, or we can brainstorm and help you launch your product. We just know how to catch the press and your target demographic.

Product or Service Debuts

Worth noting: if you’re launching a new product or service and want to get some opinions on the proper approach for launching your product, we would be happy to contribute by highlighting your product/service or introducing it as part of a bundle of products under a unique theme. What does it mean and why does this help your page rank? We are unpaid PR experts looking for media exposure and an opportunity for you to link back to your vital pages.

Some brands have products or services that are inherently interesting or have news at their core. All it might take is a nudge to unlock even more value from a digital PR perspective – delivering a bit of extra oomph to the business benefits.

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