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11 Key Digital PR Trends for 2024 and Beyond

11 Key Digital PR Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Digital PR trends shape business-wide communication strategies and can heavily influence marketing and SEO budgets for the year.

It’s important, then, that both PR professionals and business owners fully understand how and why specialists choose specific digital channels and strategies to maximise reach and manage communications effectively.

Why are digital PR trends important?

Digital PR trends can dictate whether a focus is worthwhile and even highlight opportunities that are so far underserved. They allow businesses to better manage communication channels and build valuable buzz about upcoming events and launches.

The digital PR space is an essential part of the PR puzzle. It allows for crisis management and quick turnarounds on coverage that might be inaccessible with traditional media formats like TV or print.

To fully utilise these channels, businesses must lean into new technologies and digital PR trends to make the most of active audiences and niche coverage opportunities. 

Some businesses choose to work with digital PR experts to properly manage this transition from traditional PR. Diversification of available channels is essential for businesses in 2024.

What is the future of digital PR?

In 2023 we saw a huge amount of growth in the digital PR space, and with the numerous benefits for businesses and the huge potential in choosing these digital communication routes, it’s not expected that this growth will slow down any time soon.

Long-term, what trends and opportunities will we see in digital PR?

Hyper-Personalisation and Niche Appeal

Communication between businesses and stakeholders is constantly becoming more personalised. Consumers generally are becoming desensitised to advertising and marketing efforts so it’s vital that everything seen about a company is relevant and of a high standard. It’s likely that this hyper-personalisation will become essential for public relations in the future.

The key to a successful PR campaign has always been to find relatable and human ways to communicate core messaging. This isn’t always a simple task, particularly when managing different segments of an audience that require a dramatically different approach.


We specialize in high-velocity Digital PR Link Building.

Long-term there will likely be opportunities for more businesses to explore dynamic content that adapts to suit the reader’s preferences in both format and tone. This will allow businesses to more efficiently serve a wider audience with niche content that properly communicates brand messaging.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Modern business decisions should be based on data. Thankfully, there’s plenty to work with in the digital PR space.

It's likely that machine learning and analytics tools will continue to improve in quality. Access to these can help specialists better manage the vast amount of data available and pick out opportunities that offer a good return on investment.

Digital PR specialists will be able to gain insights into the preferences and behaviours of potential audiences to better tailor the content they are producing. Not only is this useful for identifying new channels, but also content formats and engagement habits.

With this behaviour identified, specialists will be able to use secondary tools to search for trending topics, opportunities with journalists, and keywords and questions that AI and search engines may be recommending.

Engaging, Interactive Experiences

As attention spans continue to shrink and the noise in digital spaces continues to grow, we will likely begin to see much more success for public relations pieces that truly engage.

Measurements of success for PR have always been difficult in traditional channels, but digital PR opens up new opportunities for engagement and active participation. 

Social media, forums and comment sections allow audiences to get involved in the conversation and this can provide valuable feedback for businesses immediately.

Transparent and Ethical Communication

Stakeholders and potential customers are increasingly interested in privacy, information accuracy and a business’s stance on ethical topics.

Businesses should prepare to be extremely transparent in future communications, including those that involve taking accountability.

Many businesses already have crisis management plans in place, but there may need to be amendments made for where very human responses are needed. Digital audiences often need more authentic messaging and don’t always respond well to statements or messaging that lacks transparency.


Technology will undoubtedly have a role in the long-term future of digital PR. Digital strategies are completely reliant on these systems for distribution so it will be important that strategies change and adapt as they do.

Whether this technology will determine how content is written or impact how data is analysed is so far unclear, but its influence will be significant and long-lasting.

11 Key Digital PR Trends For 2024

So, what about digital PR trends for 2024? What are we expecting to see and where might there be some surprise trends for businesses to build into their long-term strategy for public relations?

An increased reliance on digital PR

With digital channels becoming even more established, it’s no real surprise that many specialists are predicting that businesses will adapt their PR strategies to lean even further into digital channels.

Many businesses are experiencing pressure to cut down on budgets and invest in channels with a proven and trackable ROI. Ambitious businesses want to invest in data-driven, evidence-based campaigns, and digital PR channels make this much more simple. Whether it’s social media, posts with digital news outlets or even podcasts, we expect to see even more diverse digital content in niche business spaces in 2024 because of this pressure for results.

With the enormous benefits that digital channels have for link building and engagement, it’s expected that business owners will continue to look to online spaces to manage communications and public image.


With search engine algorithms becoming more strict about where and why they show information, it’s no surprise that those with lots of evidence of authority are succeeding. For this reason, it’s likely that SEOs will start to view digital PR as an absolute essential.

Search engines are prioritising sites that demonstrate authority, expertise and relevance. Many businesses are desperately seeking higher authority links to help battle these algorithm changes.

Digital PR, for link building specifically, can be the difference. 

By landing high-quality coverage in already valued online spaces, businesses can leverage established sites, widen reach, and simultaneously evidence expertise.


Short-term, the public relations industry is just one of many impacted by global economic instability. Layoffs and budget cuts mean there are fewer journalists to pitch even with the enormous potential in digital spaces. This means they need to be more selective with their resources.

In 2024 we anticipate that more outlets will be asking for exclusivity on the stories that they run. 

We’re firmly in a period of information overload where outlets are fighting for viewers and engagement. They need quality content that differentiates them from competitors.

Journalists, particularly from some of the larger publications, can be more selective with the pitches they choose and we expect them to be much more interested in quality (and exclusivity) than in quantity in 2024.

Quality over quantity for links

Traditional link-building strategies for SEO that were focused on quantity are giving way to approaches that prioritise quality. This is where digital PR becomes invaluable.

High-quality link-building through digital PR can be a lengthy but valuable process. It requires building relationships with journalists, being selective about where articles appear and often working alongside link-building PR experts to gain access to these high-quality opportunities.

In 2024, a few high-quality links will be far more valuable than many very low-quality links.

Content focused on social responsibility

In 2024, it’s likely that stakeholders will be even more interested in social responsibility and the ethical values of businesses. 

We saw in 2023 how quickly businesses can be punished for ignoring their ethical responsibilities for environmental issues and social and political topics.

With digital PR being so crucial for managing public image, tracking social mentions, and remaining responsive, it’s vital that businesses make a conscious effort to get ahead of any potential issues. Crisis management is incredibly difficult in online spaces, so preparation may be key.

digital pr tends

Burger King’s International Women’s Day Tweets

Younger audiences in particular are very vocal on social responsibility matters, and with them becoming more influential in terms of both spending power and holding positions of responsibility, businesses must be aware of messaging for younger audiences like Gen Z.

A shift in use on X/Twitter

PR experts are used to being flexible in approach, and there are few digital channels that require adaptability more than X.

X, formerly known as Twitter, is likely to undergo a significant transformation in its role within the digital PR landscape in 2024.

X remains an established and widely used platform with huge viral potential for accounts of all sizes, but the lack of control on the channel is a concern for some businesses. The benefits of X may also become its downfall when considering its role in digital PR. 

X has established itself as a platform that allows its users to share unfiltered and uncensored opinions in real-time. It’s one of the most engaged channels and is often perfect for receiving consistent and honest feedback. This can have risks for businesses.

On a social media channel that is ultimately characterised by its user-generated content and unrestricted potential for virality, there are plenty of opportunities for brands to fall victim to misinformation or hijacking of their own posts and channels.

An effective X strategy in 2024 needs to be responsive, authentic and open to engagement whilst still adhering to brand values and core messaging. 

trends in digital pr

More influencer marketing

Influencer marketing, in some business spaces, has fast become essential for an effective digital PR strategy.

Where there might be a shortage of journalistic channels to explore because of budgeting decisions and layoffs, there are plenty of influential accounts to work with that speak directly to a target audience.

The downside of influencer marketing for businesses is that the benefits of things like link building are often not present, meaning a diverse approach is still required to offer those high authority links that are so key to a wider reach strategy. Businesses also need to be cautious about who they choose to partner with.

Alternative research tools

SEOs often have a very specific set of tools for keyword research.

The way that younger audiences are searching for information is changing, and these audiences are now more actively influencing purchasing decisions. 

Similarly to what we saw in recent years for YouTube, with people searching for tutorials and visual examples, we can expect users to take advantage of other channels, like TikTok for information gathering and educational content.

Visual storytelling

Search engines prefer longer content whilst actual customers expect content to be as short and digestible as possible. This poses an impossible scenario for businesses and highlights why a diverse strategy is key.

In 2024 many digital PR specialists will be looking to create engaging and digestible content that has plenty of substance to be further explored. We may see a rise in infographics, video PR and even interactive experiences as businesses look to keep audiences engaged and interested in their messaging. 

More AI-written content

It would be impossible to ignore the role of AI when looking at digital PR trends for 2024. 

Whilst AI does have its place in PR, and can be useful for analysis, it is not yet capable of producing high-quality PR pieces. It doesn’t have the emotional intelligence or creativity to create engaging and thought-provoking content. 

Search engines and journalist’s inboxes are being filled with low-quality, AI-generated content. The good news is that amongst this generic text, it can be easy to stand out.

In 2024 it's likely that readers will become more aware of the patterns used in AI-generated writing and we expect to see readers and potential customers commenting on content from businesses that seems to be inauthentic.

Changes in budget focus

Businesses building strategies for 2024 are dealing with the prospect of economic uncertainty and smaller internal teams to monitor and curate PR opportunities. Optimising budgets and aligning effective strategies with these potential limitations is crucial.

For digital PR in 2024, we expect metrics and ROI to be key. Businesses will need to justify investments and expect to see a long-term benefit. Digital PR often has a higher potential for long-term value than some more traditional public relations strategies.

Mark McShane
Mark McShane is the founder of Cupid PR as well as owning multiple affilliate and serviced based websites. He has over 10 years experience in SEO and link building. He is published in some of the worlds most renowned media publications.

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