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What Does a Freelance Digital PR Do?

February 27, 2024

What Does a Freelance Digital PR Do?

February 27, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of online marketing, digital PR freelancers have emerged as pivotal players. They bridge the gap between traditional public relations strategies and the digital realm, ensuring that brands maintain a robust online presence. With a unique blend of skills in SEO, content creation, and social media management, these freelancers help businesses enhance their visibility and build meaningful relationships with their target audience. They operate at the intersection of PR and digital marketing, employing a variety of online channels to amplify a company's message and reach.

The role of a digital PR freelancer goes beyond just crafting press releases and communicating with journalists. They are instrumental in devising strategies that align with a company's broader marketing goals, often taking into account the nuances of SEO to boost the online authority of the brand. Their expertise in online marketing allows for creative campaigns that engage audiences and drive traffic, all while aiming to improve search engine rankings and online reputation.

With a finger on the pulse of the latest digital trends, these specialists adapt quickly to the changing demands of the online world. Whether it's managing a crisis or launching a product, digital PR freelancers provide tailored solutions that reflect the market's current state. Their ability to measure and analyse the impact of their campaigns makes them invaluable assets for any business looking to thrive in the digital age.

Understanding Digital PR

Digital PR represents the confluence of traditional public relations strategies and modern digital tools, focusing on building online brand visibility and reputation management. It integrates SEO to maximise organic outreach and leverages social media for engaging customer interactions.

The Role of a PR Consultant

A PR consultant plays a pivotal role in crafting and executing a digital PR strategy. They are responsible for identifying the right channels to promote brand messaging and tailoring content to fit the digital landscape. These freelancers analyse trends and adjust strategies to meet business objectives effectively.

Building Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness in the digital space involves a strategic approach to ensure a brand stands out. Effective digital PR leverages online platforms to disseminate information, employing tactics such as publishing press releases on relevant websites and creating shareable content that aligns with the brand's voice.

Utilising Search Engine Optimisation

Incorporating SEO techniques is critical for enhancing the visibility of digital PR content. By optimising content with relevant keywords and acquiring high-quality backlinks from reputable sites, digital PR aids in improving a brand's search engine ranking, which in turn boosts online presence.

Engaging via Social Media

Social media engagement is a cornerstone of digital PR. Utilising platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allows PR freelancers to connect with audiences, initiate discussions, and foster community around a brand. This direct line to consumers can be instrumental in shaping brand image and loyalty.

Leveraging Media Relations

PR freelancers often cultivate relationships with journalists and online influencers to amplify a brand's reach. Through these connections, a business can gain valuable exposure in various media outlets, providing credibility and a wider audience for their message.

By embracing these facets of Digital PR, freelancers offer brands an integrated approach to navigate the digital world—an approach where every tweet counts, every link builds a network, and every piece of content potentially elevates brand standing.


We specialize in high-velocity Digital PR Link Building.

The Freelance Digital PR Consultant

The modern freelance digital PR consultant combines strategic communication skills with a flexible work-life balance. They navigate the evolving digital landscape to serve various clients, delivering tailored PR campaigns through a lifestyle that embraces autonomy and adaptability.

Defining the Freelance Lifestyle

The freelance lifestyle offers flexibility and independence, attractive to many PR professionals. Freelancers determine their schedules, choose their clients, and often work remotely. This autonomy enables consultants to create a work environment that caters to their personal and professional growth.

Skills and Training for Success

Key to a freelancer's success is a solid foundation in PR strategies and digital media. Continuous training keeps them abreast of the latest industry trends and techniques. Active involvement in professional platforms like LinkedIn aids in networking and skill endorsement.

Creating a Freelance PR Profile

An effective freelance PR profile showcases one's expertise and previous successes. It often includes a concise bio, meaningful testimonials, and a portfolio of campaigns. Polished profiles on platforms such as Upwork can significantly improve visibility to potential clients.

Establishing a Client Base

To establish a solid client base, freelancers must exert efforts in building and maintaining relationships. Regular communication, outstanding service, and results-driven strategies ensure a consistent stream of projects. Recommendations and reviews from satisfied clients become vital in securing new opportunities.

Client and Campaign Management

In the realm of Digital PR Freelancers, client and campaign management is pivotal. Mastery of research, creation of compelling content, and the ability to measure campaign impact are all critical for success.

Research and Analysis Techniques

Freelance PR Consultants must employ a variety of research and analysis techniques to fully understand the landscapes in which their clients operate. This includes market research, competitor analysis, and understanding of target audience behaviours. They meticulously gather data to inform strategy, ensuring that each campaign resonates with the intended demographic.

Crafting Effective PR Campaigns

The crafting of effective PR campaigns requires a clear understanding of the client's goals and objectives. Once these are identified, Digital PR freelancers design bespoke strategies that could involve a mix of media outreach, social media engagement and event marketing. Ensuring that each message aligns with the client's brand voice is paramount.

Content Marketing and Creation

Content marketing and creation form the backbone of digital PR. Exceptional freelancers produce content that not only informs but also engages and motivates action amongst its audience. Whether it is blog posts, infographics, or press releases, the content must be high-quality and tailored to the platforms on which it will be shared.

Evaluating Campaign Effectiveness

Finally, evaluating campaign effectiveness through analytics and measurement is crucial in demonstrating success to clients. Digital PR freelancers must be adept at using tools to track metrics such as engagement rates, website traffic, and conversion rates. These insights help in refining strategies and proving the return on investment (ROI) of campaigns.

Media Outreach Strategy

A media outreach strategy is a cornerstone of Digital PR, where professionals craft compelling press releases and pitch them to carefully curated media contacts, striving for coverage in relevant publications.

Developing a Press Release

A successful press release must contain newsworthy content that is both engaging and informative. It should include a captivating headline, a clear summary of the main message, and pertinent details like quotes from key individuals and relevant statistics. Formatting is crucial; one must ensure it is easy to read, with bullet points to highlight the main points.

Pitching to Media and Publications

The media pitch is a targeted communication aimed at journalists and editors, conveying why a press release is of interest to their audience. It should be concise, personalised to the recipient, and articulate the unique angle of the story. Digital PR freelancers typically include the press release as an attachment or a link within the pitch.

Building a Media Contact Shortlist

Creating a media contact shortlist involves researching and compiling a list of journalists, editors, and influencers relevant to the client's industry. It's important to consider the target audience and the reach of various publications. This list should be dynamic and updated regularly to maintain strong relationships with media professionals.

Press Release Distribution and Follow-Up

Once the press release is crafted and the pitch is perfected, press release distribution commences. The release should be sent out through appropriate channels to reach the shortlisted media contacts. Effective follow-up includes courteous inquiries regarding the receipt of the press release and any interest in the story, without being overly persistent.

Digital Marketing Integration

Integrating digital marketing strategies is crucial for Digital PR Freelancers to maximise online visibility and engagement. Through carefully orchestrated efforts across multiple channels, they can create a cohesive and impactful marketing campaign.

Understanding Online Marketing Channels

Digital PR Freelancers must possess an astute knowledge of various online marketing channels to effectively disseminate a brand's message. Each channel — from SEO to PPC and beyond — serves a distinct purpose and reaches unique audiences. It's essential to match the right message to the appropriate channel to ensure optimal resonance with the target demographic.

Executing Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing remains one of the most efficient and conversion-rich forms of digital marketing. By segmenting mailing lists with precision and tailoring content to fit recipient interests, freelancers can drive significant return on investment. The construction of compelling subject lines and the integration of persuasive calls to action are fundamental in converting prospects into loyal customers.

Adapting to Social Media Marketing Trends

The dynamic nature of social media marketing demands constant vigilance and adaptability to current trends. Freelancers should not only keep abreast of platform updates and shifting user preferences but also leverage innovative content formats such as stories, live streams, and interactive posts to keep audiences engaged and foster brand advocacy.

Incorporating Content Marketing

The backbone of any digital strategy, content marketing, requires the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content aimed at attracting and retaining a clearly-defined audience. By crafting an effective content marketing strategy and combining it with SEO best practices, freelancers can significantly boost a brand's online presence and authority.

Optimisation and Analytics

Optimisation and analytics are crucial for digital PR freelancers who aim to enhance their clients' online presence. Mastery of SEO techniques and using tools like Google Analytics allow for smarter decisions based on measurable performance metrics.

Mastering SEO Techniques

In the realm of digital public relations, mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques is central to success. SEO encompasses a range of strategies including keyword research and link building. A freelancer's ability to conduct thorough keyword research sets the foundation for crafting content that ranks higher in search engine results, making it more visible to target audiences.

  • Conduct keyword research to identify terms and phrases relevant to the client's industry.
  • Implement link building strategies to improve domain authority and search rankings.

Analysing Performance with Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a wealth of information, allowing for in-depth analysis of online performance. Digital PR freelancers should be adept at navigating this tool to uncover insights and assess the impact of their campaigns.

  • Analyse metrics like user engagement, bounce rate, and traffic sources.
  • Utilise Google Analytics to track conversions and set goals that align with the client's PR objectives.

Improving Online Visibility

Improving online visibility is more than just aiming for the top spot in search results; it involves a strategic approach to ensure lasting impact. This requires ongoing adjustments based on analytic insights to keep pace with the evolving digital landscape.

  • Apply SEO improvements to increase the online visibility of PR content.
  • Continuously monitor and tweak strategies as search algorithms and audience behaviours change.

Professional Growth and Finances

In the evolving market of freelance PR consultants, professionals must not only excel in their communication skill set but also need comprehensive knowledge in managing their finances, ensuring they grow their career sustainably.

Growing a Freelance Career

Building a robust freelance career necessitates dedication to professional development and understanding market needs. They should harness online platforms to showcase their expertise and expand their client base. Networking plays a crucial role, and utilising social media or attending industry events can facilitate connections that might lead to future opportunities.

Understanding Tax and Accounting

Navigating tax obligations efficiently is critical for a freelancer's financial health. Freelancers must be aware of the tax tools and resources at their disposal. For instance, accounting software specifically tailored for freelancers can simplify the process of tracking income and expenses, making tax filing easier. They should set aside a budget for tax liabilities throughout the year to avoid shortfalls.

Setting Rates and Negotiating Payment

Deciding upon an hourly rate or project fee involves considering the freelancer's level of expertise, the scope of work, and overall market rates. Freelancers should perform market research to set competitive and fair rates for their services. When negotiating payment terms, they must be clear about their fees, payment schedules, and any late payment policies they have. Moreover, it is important for freelancers to maintain detailed records of their transactions for smooth financial tracking and dispute resolution, should one arise.

The Digital PR Toolkit

In the realm of Digital PR, practitioners are empowered by a variety of tools and technologies designed to enhance online visibility and measure campaign effectiveness. These tools facilitate targeted online marketing strategies and provide valuable analytics that help shape future campaigns.

Utilising Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools play a crucial role in disseminating messages across the web. Tools such as Google Ads and various PPC (Pay-Per-Click) platforms enable freelancers to place their content in front of the right audience efficiently. By selecting specific keywords and demographics, these tools help in directing traffic and maximising online presence.

  • Google Ads: Ideal for reaching a broad audience through targeted ad placements.
  • Keyword Research Tools: Essential for uncovering high-impact keywords to use in content and ads.

Effective Use of Social Media Tools

Social media tools are indispensable for today's Digital PR initiatives. They allow for direct interaction with audiences and provide a platform for sharing content widely. Tools for scheduling posts, analysing engagement, and tracking the performance of content are pivotal in managing a comprehensive social media strategy.

  • Content Schedulers: Schedule posts in advance to maintain a consistent online presence.
  • Engagement Analytics: Analyse how users interact with posts to refine content strategy.

Leveraging PR and Analytics Software

Analytics software gives insight into the performance of PR campaigns, offering data on user behaviour, campaign reach, and overall impact. Monitoring tools and dashboards that track metrics like web traffic, conversions, and brand mentions are key components of the digital PR toolkit.

  • Web Analytics: Monitor web traffic and user behaviour to assess campaign success.
  • PR Dashboards: Aggregate data from multiple sources for a clear overview of PR efforts.

By mastering these tools and technologies, Digital PR freelancers can deliver robust online marketing campaigns that drive engagement and deliver measurable results. Each tool serves as a cog in the machinery of a successful digital strategy, where insights gleaned from analytics fuel informed decisions for future endeavours.

Building a Network

In the landscape of digital PR, freelancing hinges on the strength and reach of one's network. Effective networking involves strategic engagement on social media, insights into influencer and B2B marketing, and the cultivation of meaningful online relationships.

Engaging on Twitter and LinkedIn

On Twitter and LinkedIn, digital PR freelancers should establish a consistent presence. They might start by sharing relevant content, commenting on industry news, and engaging with both peers and potential clients. They must ensure that their interactions add value, demonstrating expertise and fostering genuine connections.

  • Twitter: Frequent, insightful tweets with trending hashtags can elevate a freelancer's visibility.
  • LinkedIn: Long-form posts and articles showcase a freelancer's depth of knowledge and can lead to higher engagement.

Influencer and B2B Marketing

In influencer marketing, freelancers should identify and connect with key opinion leaders in their niche. Collaborating with influencers can amplify their reach. For B2B marketing, attending and speaking at industry conferences, either virtually or in person, and participating in webinars can position freelancers as go-to experts.

  • Identify Influencers: Use tools like BuzzSumo to find relevant influencers.
  • Engage with B2B Audiences: Offer actionable insights and case studies that resonate with business clients.

Online Networking and Building Relationships

Building relationships online goes beyond initial contact. Freelancers need to sustain interactions, perhaps by scheduling regular check-ins or offering help with no immediate expectation of return. It's about creating a collaborative environment that benefits both parties in the long run.

  • Regular Check-Ins: Keep interactions alive with thoughtful, periodic engagement.
  • Mutual Benefit: Approach relationships with a mindset of mutual growth and support.

Legal and Operational Considerations

When engaging Digital PR Freelancers, companies must navigate various legal and operational factors to ensure a smooth working relationship. These factors include proper management of documentation and clear understanding of freelancer rights, as well as stringent security measures related to data protection.

Managing Contracts and Invoicing

Contracts are fundamental for setting expectations. They should detail the scope of work, deadlines, and payment terms. A written agreement minimises disputes by providing a clear framework of what is expected from both parties. When dealing with invoicing, it is crucial to establish timely and accurate billing processes, facilitating prompt payments and maintaining financial clarity. Invoicing systems should be selected carefully to ensure they comply with tax regulations applicable to both freelancers and the admin managing these processes.

Understanding Freelancer Rights

Freelancers operate as independent contractors; thus, they are not entitled to the same rights and benefits as full-time employees. However, they are protected under contract law, and their rights to fair treatment and payment should be respected. Understanding these rights is crucial for maintaining legal compliance and fostering a professional relationship where freelancers are encouraged to perform their duties diligently.

Security and Data Protection

Safeguarding sensitive information is paramount. Digital PR Freelancers often work with confidential data, making security measures a non-negotiable aspect. Companies must ensure that data protection policies are adhered to and that freelancers understand their role in maintaining these standards. Using secure platforms and communication channels can help prevent data breaches, protecting both the company's and clients' information. It is also prudent to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure all parties understand the importance and implications related to the security of data.

Advanced Strategies for Digital PR Freelancers

Effective digital PR freelancers are quick to adapt to industry changes, implementing advanced strategies that set them apart. They maximise native advertising and affiliate marketing avenues, hone crisis management skills, and construct a robust communicative online presence to boost their influence and effectiveness.

Exploring Native Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

Digital PR freelancers leverage native advertising as a strategy that aligns with the user's experience on digital platforms. By creating content that is both engaging and seamless within the platform, they ensure higher engagement rates. Additionally, affiliate marketing has become pivotal; it involves partnerships where freelancers create content to promote products and earn commissions on sales or leads generated through their unique affiliate links.

Developing Crisis Management Skills

Exceptional crisis management forms a crucial part of a digital PR freelancer's skill set. They prepare comprehensive communications strategies to anticipate potential crises and rapidly respond to them. By maintaining calm and control, they tailor their client's message to minimise damage and restore public trust.

Building a Communicative Online Presence

Efficient online PR professionals continually develop a strong online presence across multiple channels to broaden their communicative reach. They actively engage with their audience, providing timely and relevant information. Regular interaction and transparency are key to building trust and establishing authority in the digital space.

Navigating Challenges in Freelancing

Freelancing in the Digital PR field requires strategic manoeuvring through potential pitfalls. It’s crucial for freelancers to adeptly handle project failures, maintain flexibility in a dynamic industry, and manage their reputation meticulously.

Dealing with Project Failures

Project failures are often unanticipated but inevitable aspects of a freelancer's career. When they encounter a failure, they should conduct a thorough post-mortem analysis to understand what went wrong. Key steps include identifying the specific factors that contributed to the failure and developing a resilient action plan to prevent recurrence. It's imperative not to dwell on failures, but to extract valuable lessons that can inform future projects.

Maintaining Flexibility

Flexibility is the cornerstone of successful freelancing. Digital PR freelancers should optimise their workflow to accommodate rapid changes in client demands and industry trends. This might involve upskilling in the latest digital tools or adapting their service offerings to market needs. They should also preserve a balance between professional rigidity and personal adaptability to thrive in a contingent work environment.

Reputation and Crisis Management

A freelancer’s reputation can be their most valuable asset or their biggest liability. Effective reputation management includes proactive brand building and maintaining a strong digital presence. They must demonstrate consistency in their work quality and be prepared to address client concerns promptly. In times of a crisis, a strategic response plan that includes clear messaging and transparent communication is vital to mitigate damage and maintain trust with clients and stakeholders.

Industry Insights and Trends

The landscape for Digital PR freelancers is ever-changing, shaped by new technologies and the evolving requirements of public affairs and search engine marketing. This section casts light on the current state and anticipated movements within the field, pinpointing critical adjustments professionals must make.

Evolving Role of Public Affairs

Public affairs professionals are increasingly leveraging digital channels to engage with stakeholders. They're expected not only to understand the traditional aspects of PR but to also harness the tools of digital media. Integration of social media strategies and content marketing are paramount in their roles, as these platforms become primary sources of public discourse and opinion shaping.

Keeping Up with SEO and SEM Updates

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are integral to the digital PR toolkit. Google's algorithms are continually updated, and as such, freelancers must remain agile to adapt strategies accordingly. Emphasis is placed on high-quality content and backlink profiles, ensuring clients maintain visibility and relevance in search results.

Predicting the Future of Digital PR

The future of Digital PR appears to be defined by predictive analytics and big data. While maintaining a core focus on storytelling and brand image, professionals are expected to embrace data-driven techniques to accurately measure campaign impacts and refine targeting strategies. Staying abreast of emerging trends such as influencer partnerships and video content will be crucial to shape powerful narratives that resonate with audiences.

Creating Impactful Content

Digital PR freelancers play a crucial role in sculpting the narrative of a brand through the creation of compelling content. They use a blend of strong writing skills, strategic content placement, and visual storytelling to engage audiences and drive campaign success.

Mastering Copywriting and Content Writing

Successful digital PR requires a solid grasp of copywriting and content writing. Copywriting pertains to crafting persuasive messages that prompt immediate action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing a product. Upwork maintains a roster of skilled freelance public relations specialists well-versed in creating such compelling copy. In parallel, content writing involves producing informative, engaging content that builds long-term relationships with an audience. It includes an array of formats from blog posts to white papers, requiring versatility and depth in writing.

Leveraging the Power of Blogging and Wiki Content

Blogging remains a powerful tool to boost online presence and assert thought leadership. Through informative and optimised blog content, freelancers can significantly enhance a brand's visibility and authority. Similarly, knowledge-sharing platforms like wikis offer an avenue for brands to contribute detailed, factual information about their industry, establishing credibility and trust.

Enhancing Visual Content with Adobe Photoshop

The integration of striking visual elements can transform plain text into engaging stories. Freelancers often rely on tools like Adobe Photoshop to enhance visual content, which is integral in today’s digital PR strategies. Mastery of image editing and graphic design allows freelancers to produce eye-catching graphics that complement and elevate written content, catering to the audience's preference for visual stimuli.

Case Studies and Portfolio Development

In the realm of Digital PR, freelancers rely heavily on the dual powers of well-developed case studies and dynamic digital portfolios. These tools not only display past successes but also serve to attract and assure potential clients of a freelancer's capabilities.

Developing Compelling Case Studies

High-quality case studies are instrumental in demonstrating a freelancer's experience and effectiveness. They should include detailed problem-solving methods and clear results. Presenting a narrative that takes the reader through the challenge encountered, strategies implemented, and the outcomes achieved is vital. Engaging case studies can elevate a freelancer's credibility within the digital media landscape and encourage trust from future clients.

Creating and Managing a Digital Portfolio

A digital portfolio acts as a curated collection of a freelancer's best work. It showcases their expertise and the breadth of their digital media capabilities. Carefully select work that represents a range of skills and success stories, and keep the portfolio updated with latest projects. Attention should be devoted to the presentation and ease of navigation, ensuring that the portfolio not only impresses but is also user-friendly.

Showcasing Successful Campaigns

An essential element within a freelancer's digital portfolio is the inclusion of successful campaigns. These campaigns should highlight measurable outcomes, the application of innovative strategies, and the impact within the realm of digital media. Testimonials from satisfied clients and metrics that emphasise the campaign's success can further substantiate the freelancer's expertise. This tangible proof is a testament to a freelancer's ability to deliver results in the fast-paced digital world.

Handling Administrative Duties

Efficient handling of administrative duties is crucial for Digital PR Freelancers to maintain order and effectively manage their workload. The administrative side of freelancing includes several key aspects like project management, client communication, and general organisation of tasks.

Focusing on Efficient Project Management

Digital PR Freelancers must adopt the role of a project manager to ensure tasks are completed on time and to a high standard. They can use various project management tools to track progress, set deadlines, and delegate tasks. For instance, creating a simple table such as the one below can aid in managing several ongoing projects:

Project Name
Campaign A
Client X
In Progress
Campaign B
Client Y
Pending Approval
Campaign C
Client Z

Organising Client Communications

Managing communications efficiently is paramount for freelancers. Clear and frequent updates foster trust and transparency with clients. Digital PR Freelancers often rely on email and instant messaging platforms to keep the conversation flowing. It's advisable to schedule regular updates and meetings, which can be summarised in bullet points for quick reference:

  • Weekly email updates every Monday
  • Bi-weekly video calls for project reviews
  • Immediate notification upon task completion

Streamlining Freelance Administrative Tasks

Digital PR Freelancers must streamline their administrative workload to focus more on creative and strategic tasks. This often involves automating mundane activities like invoicing and time tracking, or even outsourcing certain tasks to specialist admin assistants. Keeping a checklist can help ensure nothing is overlooked:

  • Monthly Invoicing
  • Quarterly Tax Filings
  • Weekly Time Sheets

By tackling these administrative areas systematically, freelancers can minimise the time spent on tasks that do not directly contribute to their creative output, whilst maintaining strong client relationships and project oversight.

Frequently Asked Questions

The realm of digital PR freelancing is dynamic, making it crucial for interested individuals to understand the nuances of starting and thriving in this field.

How can one start a career as a Digital PR freelancer?

One can start a career as a Digital PR freelancer by first gaining a solid understanding of public relations, digital marketing, and media communication. It's advisable to build a portfolio showcasing their expertise in content creation, media outreach, and campaign management.

What are the key responsibilities of a Digital PR freelancer?

The key responsibilities of a Digital PR freelancer include creating and executing digital publicity campaigns, crafting press releases, managing social media profiles for clients, and building relationships with online journalists and influencers.

Which skills are essential for success in Digital PR freelancing?

Essential skills for success in Digital PR freelancing include strong writing and communication skills, understanding SEO principles, proficiency with digital media tools, and the ability to analyse and measure campaign results.

What are some effective strategies for finding Digital PR freelance work?

Effective strategies for finding Digital PR freelance work involve networking with industry professionals, maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, pitching services directly to potential clients, and utilising freelancer marketplaces.

How should Digital PR freelancers determine their service rates?

Digital PR freelancers should determine their service rates by evaluating their level of experience, the complexity of tasks, the value they bring to the client, and current market rates for similar services.

What are the common challenges faced by Digital PR freelancers?

Common challenges faced by Digital PR freelancers include irregular income streams, staying abreast of industry changes, managing client expectations, and balancing multiple projects simultaneously.

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