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14 of Our Favorite Digital PR Examples & Strategies

14 of Our Favorite Digital PR Examples & Strategies

Digital PR is a strategy much like traditional PR, that's used to increase brand awareness and authority using online channels. This may include influencers, blogs, podcasts, social media, news outlets, and more.

Understanding what it takes to build and launch a successful digital PR campaign can make all the more difference when it comes to elevating your band.

In this guide, we're going to show you 14 of our favorite digital PR examples.

Our Favorite digital PR examples include the following Strategies:

  • Interactives
    • Map Showing How Much is Spent on the Tooth Fairy in Every County in England
    • Calculate Your Press Value
  • Surveys
    • Interactive Infographics Example: 2024 New Year's Resolutions
    • Britain's Favorite Regional Delicacies by Metro
  • Data-Driven Studies & Analysis
    • Can Money Buy Happiness in the UK?
    • The Pudding- Music Industry Trends
  • Seasonal Campaigns
    • Flush Your Ex
    • "Cry Me a Cockroach"
  • Viral Trends
    • Rise of the Lazy Girl Jobs
    • Buzzfeed's Barbie Dreamhouse Around the World
  • City & Geographical Studies
    • "The World's Prettiest Cities at Night"
    • "Revealed: this city officially has the best nightlife in the UK"
  • Reactive PR
    • Items Banned from Love Island Villa
    • Data Reveals Where in UK Prime Energy is Most Popular as Demand Soars

Interactive Campaigns

Want to engage with your audience? Create an experience that requires more than just a scroll...

Content with infographics can make presentations up to 43% more persuasive. This adds a unique twist that users aren't always used to, making your campaign that much more attention-grabbing. However, don't just insert an element for the sake of doing so, make sure it's relevant to the post and truly an insightful tool.

1. Map Showing How Much is Spent on the Tooth Fairy in Every County in England

If I had to guess one topic that every single person thinks about at least once daily, it'd be money, whether we like it or not. And while you have the 17th-century French fairy tale "La Bonne Petite Souris" (The Good Little Mouse) to thank for the inspiration of the tooth fairy myth, we're all living with the repercussions. 

BUT, if I had to guess how often you think about the dentist, I’d assume it’d be much less frequent. Dental Phobia launched an interactive map of England that users could click on to see the average tooth fairy payment in each county, the most popular payments from the tooth fairy, and what children in that area end up spending this money on.

Dental Digital PR Example

Why it worked?

This is the perfect example of how to relate a universal phenomenon to your own business and do it in a fun and unique way that entices viewers to interact, share, and maybe start thinking about rescheduling that dentist appointment they missed…

2. Calculate Your Press Value

Columbia Journalism Review recently came out with a calculator that determines how many news articles would be written about you if you were to go missing and which publications would write about you based on your identity. The result? 205 pieces of coverage and counting. 


We specialize in high-velocity Digital PR Link Building.

The calculator takes into consideration factors such as race, age, sex, gender, and where you're from. They base the number of news stories you would be in on current statistics, as well as tell you whether you'll be featured in local or national news, which specific news outlets would report on your disappearance, and compare your statistics to others in your demographic.

Calculate Press Value Digital PR Example

Why it worked?

Have you ever seen anything like this? Besides the fact that it's completely nuanced, it gives viewers a different perspective on news coverage.

This is more likely to resonate personally with your audience as opposed to a story about how disappearances from marginalized communities are reported less in the news.

Also, since the calculator compares your stats to other people in your same demographic, you're more likely to share it with friends and family to see how newsworthy you are compared to them.

Survey Campaigns

Surveys are a crucial tool in digital PR campaigns, serving as a bridge between brands and their audiences. They offer a unique way to engage with people, inviting them to share their opinions and insights. This interactive approach not only makes participants feel valued but also fosters a sense of involvement and connection. Surveys can significantly boost engagement rates, with studies showing that interactive content like surveys can generate up to twice as much engagement as static content.

Since they give you better insight into what your audience cares about, you can then better cater your PR strategy to meet their needs. Your audience is more likely to return and maybe even unknowingly promote your content if they can relate to it on some level.

Researched-based pools and surveys can also be of interest to journalists and media outlets. Exposure like this doesn’t only amplify your reach but also positions your brand as a thought leader within your community.

3. Interactive Infographics Example: 2024 New Year's Resolutions

Best Western conducted a poll of over 2,000 people that revealed the top 40 New Year's Resolutions for 2024 and the results were shocking. They found that just four in ten people plan to even set New Year's resolutions, while one in three claimed that setting goals for themselves adds too much extra pressure and a quarter of participants were simply sick of failing at them.

Some of the most common New Year's Resolutions this poll found involved self-improvement such as weight loss, eating better and drinking more water, taking better care of their personal well-being, and financial success. However, less than half of the participants reported positive outcomes from making such resolutions. 

New Years Resolution Digital PR Example

Why it Worked:

In the ever-changing news cycle, relevance and timeliness are key to digital PR success- this happened to have both. Making a New Year's resolution is a universal experience and so is the doubt and disappointment that follows when you're not able to live up to the goals you set.

Launching this campaign at the start of the New Year, when these goals are fresh on our minds, was the perfect time to spark the debate of whether we even need New Year’s goals and potentially make people feel less alone in their yearly disappointment. 

The Best Western consistently found that one of the most common New Year’s resolutions was also to travel more. Who do you think they’re going to think of for booking travel when reading this study published by a hotel chain?... Yep, the Best Western!

4. Britain's Favorite Regional Delicacies by Metro

A survey of 2,000 Brits showcased in the Metro explores Britain's favorite regional foods, revealing top picks like Yorkshire puddings, cheddar cheese, Scottish shortbread, and Cornish pasties. It highlights the UK's diverse culinary landscape and people's pride in their local delicacies. Researchers used Playsee, the social media platform, to conduct the survey.

Favourite Delicacies Digital PR Example

Why it worked?

Who doesn’t love food? Better yet, who doesn’t love thinking about, posting, and talking about their favorite foods?

When you ask people for their opinions on topics they can really relate to or care about, they’re more likely to participate and share!

Using a survey is a simple, engaging method that everyone is familiar with. This study also targeted a specific region, making it easier to obtain backlinks. 

Data-Driven Studies & Analysis

Data-driven studies are an excellent example of digital PR campaigns that involve conducting original research on a topic that resonates with your target audience. These studies aim to uncover new insights, trends, or patterns that can provide value to both your audience and the media. 

Wondering how to go about this? It’s not as complicated as it may seem….

Step One: Identify a Relevant Topic:

  • Start by selecting a topic that is both relevant to your audience and has the potential to generate interest among media outlets. This could be an emerging trend, a common challenge, or an unexplored aspect of your industry.

Step Two: Designing the Research

  • Decide what type of research methods will be used for this study, this could include surveys, polls, meta-analysis of existing data, or experiments.

Step Three: Conduct the Research

  • Now it's time to carry out your design and research methods to create an ethical, credible, and replicable study that's going to spark the interest of your target audience.

Step Four: Turn Your Findings Into A Compelling Report

  • Make sure your data doesn't sound like gibberish to your everyday viewer. Create visually appealing graphics and charts, break down the findings in an easily understandable way, and highlight key factors and findings.

Step Five: Promote and Share Your Study with Media Outlets

  • Identify media outlets that cover topics related to your research and reach out to them with your press release and report. Personalize your outreach to each journalist or editor, explaining why your study is relevant to their audience and offering additional information or interviews if needed. 

5. Can Money Buy Happiness in the UK?

In a study conducted by Raisin researchers looked into whether money can actually buy you happiness and how much would it cost. Based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), personal well-being reports, and the World Health Organization, researchers were able to identify the top UK cities where money could indeed buy you happiness.

They found that Oxford was the happiest city in the UK with a happiness index rating of 82 and the cost of happiness being £35,448. Winchester followed with a happiness index rating of 76 and an average salary of £35,942, meaning happiness costs £494 more in Winchester than in Oxford. The list goes on…

Raisin Digital PR Example

Why it Worked:

This digital PR campaign is not only fascinating but also directly aligned with their brand's values and offerings as a finance company.

Plus, who doesn't wonder if money can buy happiness? It's a universal question that never gets old.

By bringing data into the mix, Raisin adds a layer of trustworthiness and finds itself in the heart of a hot debate, grabbing even more attention.

6. The Pudding- Music Industry Trends

This study by The Pudding explores the world of songwriting, analyzing over 200,000 songs from the past 30 years to uncover trends and patterns in the music industry. It dives into the evolution of collaboration, genre diversity, and the rise of individual songwriters. It uses a vast dataset to draw insights and identify trends such as gender differences regarding hit songs- exposing the fact that hit songs are disproportionally created by men. 

Music Industry Trends Digital PR Example

Why it Works:

Although this may be a complicated topic that explores gender differences in the music industry, the Pudding coherently organizes its findings in a visually appealing manner- making it easy to understand.

Their site requires minimal reading and there are no long paragraphs to bore you or lose your attention. 

Seasonal Campaigns

Everyone loves a good holiday or seasonal campaign, journalists are no exception! They're always on the lookout for fun, engaging content and the holiday season is just another marketing tool for businesses and journalists alike. 

While these campaigns can be a bit of a gamble, it's crucial to get the creative juices flowing well in advance to allow time for approvals. Plus, you'll want to time your launch perfectly, all while keeping an eye out for competitors or eager journalists who might beat you to it.

Going for evergreen campaigns that play into various holidays or seasons throughout the year can make sure your efforts don't go to waste. You can always give successful campaigns a little facelift each year to keep the momentum going and outshine your previous efforts.

7. Flush Your Ex

The Who Gives A Crap launched the "Flush Your Ex" campaign as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day for the broken-hearted by turning your ex's letters into toilet paper. They called upon singles who have had a hard time letting go of old love letters or cards to turn them into 100% recycled materials toilet paper.

Researchers surveyed over 2,000 US adults from major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, and Austin and found that almost one-third of participants held onto old relics from an ex. 40% of participants also reported simply tossing these letters in the trash when they were ready to move on. Who Gives A Crap offered an eco-friendly, humorous way to discard these memories - giving you a chance to save the planet while you move on. 

Flush Your Ex Digital PR Example

Why it worked:

The humor, originality, and timeliness of this seasonal campaign are ultimately what led it to massive success.

The concept of turning an ex's letter into toilet paper is an attention-grabbing concept that stands out against typical Valentine's Day promotions while still aligning with brand values and driving sales. 

8. "Cry Me a Cockroach"

The San Antonio Zoo's "Cry Me a Cockroach" event was a hit seasonal campaign where individuals could name a cockroach after their ex and watch it get eaten by animals on Valentine's Day. This cheeky and unique concept struck a chord with those looking for an alternative way to mark the day of love, especially those nursing a broken heart.

Cockroach Digital PR Example

Why it worked:

Creating a campaign that is not only relatable- but shareable is KEY! Who doesn't want a little revenge on an ex that did them dirty?

Plus, friends and family can watch in support- sharing it online and increasing the Zoo's online visibility and presence.

Instead of being sad on Valentine's Day- the San Antonio Zoo offered a funny alternative to cure your broken heart- who doesn’t love that!

Viral Social Media Trends

When it comes to virality, even more than the other frameworks, it’s essential to create relatable content. Develop videos that resonate with your target audience's interests, challenges, and desires to increase their likelihood of sharing. Your content simply won’t reach a global audience if you fail at this. 

It’s also important to utilize trendy formats: adapt your videos to popular formats on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts to cater to the content consumption habits of your audience. Also, keep an eye on current trends and incorporate them into your videos to make your content more relevant and appealing to a wider audience.

Incorporate a call to action at the end of the video to encourage audience members to watch more of your content, and take a specific action like visiting your website, or buying a course from you, etc.

9. Rise of the Lazy Girl Jobs

In an article published by Daily Mail, researchers talked about the rise of "lazy girl" jobs: a search that has now gone viral on TikTok thanks to one video with millions of views. 

What are lazy girl jobs? Well, there are remote jobs that require low effort, low stress and have tons of flexibility and freedom.

Rise of the Lazy Girl jobs Digital PR Example

Why it worked? 

The concept of a lazy girl job appeals directly to GenZers, who are the most active TikTok users- making this the perfect platform to broadcast this phenomenon.

This significantly increases the likelihood of the concept going viral and once one viral video is posted, a trend usually follows.

Additionally, remote jobs have been in high demand since Covid-19, in combination with their popularity on TikTok it’s hard to imagine GenZers wanting to do anything else. 

10. Buzzfeed's Barbie Dreamhouse Around the World

The Buzzfeed article "What Barbie’s Dreamhouse Would Look Like Around the World'' is an amazing example of how Buzzfeed utilized the virality of the Barbie movie and dreamhouse trend to increase exposure to their site. They created different Barbie dreamhouses for countries all over the world if you couldn’t tell by the title, which is a concept most women can relate to wanting as a little girl.

Barbie Dreamhouse Digital PR Example

Here's why it worked:

Barbie's dreamhouse around the world applied to multiple different cultures and countries, just like the foundation of Barbie the movie.

This increased the potential for international backlinks from diverse sources, enhancing the website's authority and reach.

The relatability amongst many different generations of women made it an easily shareable, relatable, and frequently discussed topic. 

City and Geographical: Ideal to Land Local Media Coverage

City & Geographical Studies in digital PR campaigns are highly effective for specializing in local coverage due to their relevance and ability to engage community interest. 

By focusing on specific cities or regions, these studies provide content that resonates with local audiences and media outlets, increasing the likelihood of coverage for your company. They position your brand as an authority on regional matters, enhancing credibility and trust within the community. Localized content can also improve SEO for geo-specific keywords, making it easier for people in the area to find your content.

11. "The World's Prettiest Cities at Night"

The Travelbag study titled "The World's Prettiest Cities at Night" ranks cities based on their nighttime beauty, using factors such as Instagram hashtags, light pollution levels, and the number of tourist attractions. With 25,905 Instagram posts under the hashtag "Dubai at night," the city takes the number one spot for night-time views. Tokyo, Japan came in second place with almost 10,000 fewer Instagram posts under hashtags referencing the city's nightlife but was considered safer to walk alone at night and had less light pollution. 

The post is broken down into prettiest cities at night for Long Haul destinations, such as Dubai and Tokoyo, in Europe, as well as some honorable mentions.


Why it worked:

Focusing on popular tourist destinations that already have high searchability rankings and have been trending on social media meant that people already cared and were researching the topic.

Being such a hot topic, this article and the findings were likely to be referenced by city tourism boards, locals, or travel enthusiasts- increasing brand awareness.

12. "Revealed: this city officially has the best nightlife in the UK"

If the UK loves anything, it's a good night out. In an article written by TimeOut, they quote a study that ranked all the best places to have a fantastic night in town. They considered the price of a pint, the ratio of bars, pubs, and clubs to people, as well as how safe people felt walking alone at night. At the top of the list was Newcastle, scoring an 8.19 out of ten, and following closely was York with an 8.14. Last place in the WORST nightlife category? Well, that was Bradford.

Best Nightlife Digital PR Example

Why it worked?

Braggable content is SHAREABLE! Those living in these cities, and maybe even the city tourism boards themselves, are likely to repost and share these findings as a way to show off and attract more tourists, and thus income, into the area. 

Reactive PR

When it comes to digital PR campaigns, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Stories, movies, trends, etc., that are already viral and trending at the moment are a great way to spark some inspiration to increase brand awareness for your company. The best part? All you really have to do is add your two cents, that's why it's called REACTIVE PR.

Unlike traditional PR strategies that focus on planned campaigns, reactive PR requires a keen sense of timing and adaptability, allowing brands to insert themselves into ongoing narratives in a way that is relevant and engaging. By capitalizing on the immediacy of social media and digital platforms, reactive PR enables brands to demonstrate their relevance, connect with their audience on a more personal level, and often gain significant exposure with minimal effort. 

13. Items Banned from Love Island Villa

Love Island is a popular reality show, beloved by millions. Mirror took it upon themselves to write an article featuring all of the items that will be banned in the upcoming season based on trends they have noticed in the past, as well as new rules contestants must follow. Items included branded clothes, books, magazines, papers, phones, beauty products, and fake tans. 

Love Island Digital PR Example

Why it worked?

They used a humorous commentary to highlight the silly rules while also getting straight to the point, keeping readers engaged and interested.

Since there is already such a large audience base for this show, people cared about the topic, which made it easier to naturally acquire backlinks. 

14. Data Reveals Where in UK Prime Energy is Most Popular as Demand Soars 

In an article published by YEP, Yorkshire Evening Post, the author talks about the increasing popularity of Prime Energy, an energy drink created by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul. In a viral TikTok video, the drink is resold for way above recommended retail price. In 2022 alone, the drink was searched over two million times.

Prime Digital PR Example

Why it worked?

The article reacts to this increasing demand and relates it to cities where YEP is prevalent, stating how many searches per 1,000 Prime Energy was looked up divided into individual cities.

It related the viral, popular trend to their area- while attracting views from people who were searching for this energy drink to begin with. 

Journey to Digital Success

The internet and online world are two of the most powerful tools when it comes to the success of one’s company. Most people fail because they don’t know how to use these tools to their advantage. Let's face it, we’re living in a digital age. While traditional PR strategies may be useful for certain situations, responding, engaging, and posting digitally allows you to reach a global audience within minutes.

Learning about digital PR campaigns and focusing on examples of digital PR campaigns, puts your company at a strategic advantage against your competitors. If you take anything from this post, it should be this:


Those are the fundamental keys to success for any company, regardless of digital campaign technique. Your content should resonate with your target audience and if it doesn’t, then something needs to change to drive sales and profit. 

If you’re struggling to increase brand awareness, improve engagement, acquire backlinks, or just want some help fast-tracking the process, the professionals at Cupid PR know exactly what to do. With a proven track record from hundreds of clients and no long-term commitment or contract required- you’re free to leave at any point if our services no longer benefit you. Contact us today for more info!

Mark McShane
Mark McShane is the founder of Cupid PR as well as owning multiple affilliate and serviced based websites. He has over 10 years experience in SEO and link building. He is published in some of the worlds most renowned media publications.

We specialize in high-velocity Digital PR Link Building.

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