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Digital PR Case Studies
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Leading Healthcare Provider Case Study

Digital PR
Cupid PR were approached by an leading provider in the healthcare niche. Due to stagnation of their search rankings, they wanted to drive high quality links to their domain. Our job was to create a compelling digital PR campaign targeting 40-64 quality links.
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Betting Brand Case Study

Digital PR
Cupid PR began a targeted digital PR campaign to increase awareness and authority for an exclusive betting brand in the competitive US territory through content relevant to a niche target market indicating a higher level of brand loyalty and engagement. The campaign wanted to get high-reach coverage in influential US media – particularly those ranked highly within the US sports betting market – for 10-16 good quality placements.
Skillstg logo

Skills Training Group

Digital PR, HARO, Guest Post & Niche Edits
Skills Training Group is a national training provider offering a range of courses for gas engineers, plumbers, electricians and first aiders. We were challenged with building a link profile that would allow them to compete again industry mammoths who gained links naturally through being a charity. The challenge was tough, but not insurmountable. In the end, we delivered incredible results.
A logo displaying the text "NEW BOILER INSTALLATION GLASGOW" in large, dark gray letters. To the left of the text, there is a red icon resembling a boiler with a flame inside it. The background is transparent.

New Boiler Installation Glasgow

One Off Reactive PR Campaign
New Boiler Installation Glasgow is an affiliate boiler installation company. Their main strategy is to rank with topical authority and niche edits. However, they wanted to diversify their link profile, so they asked Cupid PR if we could do a low budget & one off campaign for their brand new domain.
Boiler Cover UK

Boiler Cover UK

HARO & Digital PR
Boiler Cover UK is a boiler cover comparison website. The boiler insurance niche is an extremely competitive one. Boiler Cover UK are going up against domains like,,,, We were tasked with building powerful links to the home page to build overall domain authority.
on site first aid training digital PR case study

On Site First Aid Training Case Study

Onsite First Aid Training are a first aid training provider who wanted to create a website that specifically targeted on site and in house first aid training. They were up against some tough competition against massive domains like Red Cross First Aid and St John's Ambulance as well as various other exact match domains. We decided the best strategy for this website would be to utilise media responses and HARO. They now dominate this topic for commercial keywords around their target market.

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