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Case Studies
Accountancy Website Case Study - TaxBite
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Accountancy Website Case Study - TaxBite

Digital PR

We were tasked by accountancy firm, TaxBite to build a minimum of 8 links for their website. This is a good niche for Digital PR, so we got to work creating newsworthy topics utilizing both reactive PR and data driven PR.
Pieces of Coverage
High Quality Links
Notable Links
Forbes, Express, Birmingham Mail, Yahoo Finance, MSN, The Courier, Yahoo News, GB News

Campaign Overview

We put out 2 different angles for this campaign:

Angle 1

Campaign name: Inheritance tax reactive press release

Headline: Expert reveals how YOU can avoid the ‘most unfair tax in Britain’

Campaign summary: Reactive/ Expert Commentary - a new poll finds 48 per cent of retirees consider inheritance tax to be “the most unfair tax in Britain”. As a result, this campaign will be an expert-led commentary on how to minimise payments towards/ avoid paying inheritance tax altogether. The below sources will be used to inform the article, as well as applicable information from the TaxBite website.

Angle 2

Campaign: Lowest income tax countries to live in

Headline 1: New study reveals the best tax havens for digital nomads

Campaign summary: Data-driven - This campaign aims to find out which countries digital nomads can work from most effectively and for the most money.

To do this, I will create a seed list of tax haven countries and source data for the following factors:

  • Average salary
  • Average rent
  • Internet speed

The campaign will minus average rent from salary to find out which countries are most affordable. It will then compare these figures to internet speeds to find which country digital nomads can work most effectively for the most money.


  • Earned 21 placements and 15 links for our client.
  • Earned links from massive websites such as; Forbes, Express, Birmingham Mail, Yahoo Finance, MSN, The Courier, Yahoo News, GB News.

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