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Case Studies
Property/Real Estate Website Digital PR Case Study
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Property/Real Estate Website Digital PR Case Study

Digital PR

A leading construction/real estate company in the UK approached us to provide digital PR for their website. This niche lends itself well to data-driven digital PR, so we tasked our data analyst with providing some unique data around house affordability.
Pieces of Coverage
High Quality Links
Notable Links
Sky, Metro, MSN, Express, GB News, Daily Mail

Campaign Overview

For this campaign, we identified that housing affordability was a topic that resonated with many journalists. We assigned a data analyst to provide us with unique data for the campaign.

(Note: Placement image blurred for confidentiality)

Data & Methodology

This study evaluated housing affordability across 325 areas in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Each area received a normalized score out of 100 based on several factors. The overall performance of each area was calculated by combining these individual scores with specific weights assigned to each factor, reflecting their importance. This process yielded a composite score for each area, ranging from 40 to 85, providing a more realistic assessment for readers.

The final dataset only includes the actual values for each feature, not the individual weighted or normalized scores.

The criteria used are as follows:

Average House Price (January 2024) This indicates the average cost of purchasing a property in each area. Data was sourced from the GOV.UK House Price Index.

Percentage of Average House Price Change Since 2020 This factor captures the percentage change in average house prices from 2020 to January 2024, providing insights into market trends and price stability. Data was sourced from the GOV.UK House Price Index.

House Price to Couples Earnings Ratio This ratio, calculated by dividing the average house price by the median annual earnings for couples, measures housing affordability relative to local income levels. Median income data was sourced and processed from ONS employee earning data.

Average Council Tax The average council tax for each area, covering all bands from A to I, was considered as an ongoing cost impacting overall housing affordability. Data was sourced from

Methodology: Further Details

The scores were adjusted to range from 40 to 85 to provide more realistic-looking results. The weights assigned to each feature, which involve some subjectivity, are as follows:

Feature Weight
Average House Price -0.5
Percentage of Average House Price Change Since 2020 -0.2
House Price to Couples Earnings Ratio -0.2
Average Council Tax -0.1

This weighted approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of housing affordability in each area.

The results:

  • Earned 14 placements and 10 links for our client.
  • Earned links from massive websites such as; Sky, Metro, MSN, Express, GB News, Daily Mail

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