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Case Studies
Leading Healthcare Provider Case Study
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Leading Healthcare Provider Case Study

Digital PR

Cupid PR were approached by an leading provider in the healthcare niche. Due to stagnation of their search rankings, they wanted to drive high quality links to their domain. Our job was to create a compelling digital PR campaign targeting 40-64 quality links.
33% Increase
Monthly Organic Traffic
$13,553 Increase
Monthly Traffic Value
Link Target
Links Built

Campaign Overview

Strategy Campaign idea

Create an insightful campaign about how AI can revolutionise the healthcare system. It can modernise healthcare operations, improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs for the NHS.


Create compelling statistics-packed stories about AI in the healthcare sector, such as infographics on behalf of clients or spotlighting specialists’ perspectives on the role of AI in healthcare, or case studies on using AI in medical settings.

Outreach strategy

Personalised top-tier healthcare and technology media outreach utilising data-exclusive angles and quote-rich commentary.

Digital Outreach

Amplify the campaign via social media and targeted digital channels in order to engage the broader public and elevate a dialogue about AI in healthcare.


  • We set a target of 40-64 good-quality links from high-authority sites.
  • We beat expectations and generated 86 good-quality links, clearly demonstrating that our campaign was useful and newsworthy.
  • We got a 33% increase in organic traffic for our client.

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