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Case Studies
Boats/Yachts Website Digital PR Case Study
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Boats/Yachts Website Digital PR Case Study

Digital PR

A leading brand from the UK who sell boats and yachts approached us to build links for their website with Digital PR. There are lots of interesting topics in this niche so it's a great opportunity to utilize Digital PR.
Pieces of Coverage
High Quality Links
Notable Links
Luxury Travel Magazine, MSN, Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, Yahoo (UK), Yahoo Entertainment, Robb Report, Yahoo News Singapore

Campaign Overview

We put out 1 angle for this campaign:

Sports stars with the most expensive yachts revealed

We researched all of the yachts owned by sports stars and then ranked the top 8 most expensive yachts.

Why this campaign worked well:

The target market for our client is lifestyle publications. This topic is one that is interesting and fun, making it easy for journalists to share with their readers. The topic is also hyper niche specific and landed our client in some niche publications that directly matched their website niche.

The results:

  • Earned 13 placements and 12 links for our client.
  • Earned links from massive websites such as; Luxury Travel Magazine, MSN, Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, Yahoo (UK), Yahoo Entertainment, Robb Report, Yahoo News Singapore

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