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About Us

Helping Hundreds of Websites Scale Online

Finally... a Digital PR link building agency 
that puts its money where its mouth is 
and guarantees results

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Your Trusted Partner in Digital PR Success

Cupid PR
We’re Cupid PR, your go-to digital PR agency for turbocharging your online presence. We know the struggles of standing out in the digital jungle, so we're here to sling those arrows of success right to your brand's heart. 

At Cupid PR, we're not just about making noise; we're about making meaningful connections. We specialize in crafting top-tier, squeaky-clean backlinks for brands and agencies worldwide. Whether you're based in bustling London, sipping coffee in New York City, or operating anywhere else in the world, our team is dedicated to putting your brand on the map. 

Our secret sauce? It’s all about the love for data-driven insights and PR magic. We don't just guess what works; we know what works. By diving deep into research and crafting compelling stories that journalists can't resist, we land your brand on the most reputable online publications. 

Think of us as your digital matchmakers, connecting your brand with the influencers and platforms that matter most. With Cupid PR, you’re not just getting links; you’re getting results that propel your brand forward. 

Ready to soar above the competition? Let’s make some magic happen together.

Mark Mcshane


I started out as an SEO, hiring link building agencies to help grow my websites.

I spoke with a variety of Digital PR Agencies and freelancers and I soon became frustrated with the lack of commitment on how many links I would receive for my investment.

They wanted me to commit a monthly budget and sign a contract tieing me in for 6-12 months, but they wouldn't commit to any guarantee of links.

I decided to bring Digital PR in-house, and after many months of trial and error, I found a system where I can guarantee a set amount of links for a certain budget.

This is where Cupid PR was born.

I've walked in your shoes. I know the struggle, the uncertainty, and the hunger for success.

That's why, here at Cupid PR, we promise not just results, but a partnership built on trust and understanding.

So, if you're tired of empty promises and ready for REAL RESULTS, let’s chat.

I can't wait to blow your mind and watch your brand conquer new heights.

Mark McShane - Cupid PR


We envision revolutionizing the digital PR landscape, setting the standard for excellence and client satisfaction. We aspire to be the premier partner for brands seeking to amplify their online presence, utilizing innovation and expertise to shape a future where success knows no limits.


We are dedicated to empowering brands and agencies globally through exceptional digital PR solutions. We deliver transparent, results-driven strategies to enhance online visibility and build genuine connections with target audiences, making digital PR the ultimate asset for SEO success.

We're the digital PR link building agency trusted by SEO's

We build links at scale so you can focus on technical & on page SEO

Case Studies

We build the world’s most powerful backlinks on high-tier, reputable, trusted online publications, by using research-based insights and PR stories that journalists love. The feed below is just a preview of some of the links that we’ve built lately.
The image shows a logo with the words "TAX" in white font inside a blue rectangle and "BITE" in white font inside a pink rectangle. A bite mark effect is taken out of the right side of the pink rectangle.

Accountancy Website Case Study - TaxBite

Digital PR
We were tasked by accountancy firm, TaxBite to build a minimum of 8 links for their website. This is a good niche for Digital PR, so we got to work creating newsworthy topics utilizing both reactive PR and data driven PR.
Confidential logo

Property/Real Estate Website Digital PR Case Study

Digital PR
A leading construction/real estate company in the UK approached us to provide digital PR for their website. This niche lends itself well to data-driven digital PR, so we tasked our data analyst with providing some unique data around house affordability.
Confidential logo

Boats/Yachts Website Digital PR Case Study

Digital PR
A leading brand from the UK who sell boats and yachts approached us to build links for their website with Digital PR. There are lots of interesting topics in this niche so it's a great opportunity to utilize Digital PR.

Ready to scale your site with Digital PR?

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No sales techniques here. I'll let you know what we can do for you. And if I don't think your website is right for Digital PR, I won't try and sell you anything you don't need.

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mark mcs headshot
Mark McShane
Founder - Cupid PR
We’re a bespoke link building agency that delivers outstanding results globally. Our focus is on building white hat links for ambitious brands & agencies. We serve clients internationally, including the UK.
Our Office

DLM Marketing - FZCO Trading As Cupid PR - Dso Ifza, Ifza Properties, Dubai Silicon Oasis, إمارة دبيّ, United Arab Emirates

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